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Urtopia Carbon 1 Pro

Urtopia Carbon 1 Pro

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Clinton Rides + Urtopia is stoked to present the most cutting edge Ebike. Lightweight, agile and uncompromising. The Urtopia Carbon 1 Pro.


Smartbar features

Voice control, fingerprint start, LED dot - matrix display, haptic interaction, bluetooth music, built-in navigation, OTA upgrade

eSIM with 4G, Bluetooth, GPS

IoT sensors
Accelerometer, gyroscope, torque sensor

iOS & Android

Connect Service
1 year included*


Customized rear hub, 36 V 350 W (rated), 45 N⋅m
Speed modes
Pedal, Eco, Comfort, Sport, Turbo
Top speed (assisted)
Up to 80 miles
Removable battery
352.8Wh, Samsung Li-ion, removable battery, 2.5-hr quick charge, certified to UL-2271


37 lbs excl. accessories

Load-bearing capacity
Max. 240 lbs. (110 kg)

Small, Medium, Large (see Size Guide)

Body material
Carbon fiber (frame, fork)

Front & rear dual-piston hydraulic disc

700 x 40C

Front: Integrated StVZO headlight
Rear: StVZO Rear Light (Not ARES Lights)

700C (ISO 622 mm BSD), inner rim 19 mm

Shimano 8-Speed Rear Drivetrain

Included Accessories

Kickstand, Fenders
StVZO Rear Light (Not ARES Lights)

"Designing an e-bike isn't a complex task"

Says Carbon Series designer Mathis Heller. He doesn't mean to suggest that designing a bike is easy, but rather that with the triangular structure that bicycles have had for centuries and countless existing models flooding the market, if you're just designing an e-bike, the market will tell you that all you need to do is reassemble existing parts. This has led to a serious problem of homogeneity in the e-bike market.

"The world doesn't need yet another e-bike."

As a conceptual designer, Mathis Heller hopes that Urtopia e-bikes are unique.

Jennifer Jolly and Urtopia CEO

If you're not familiar with Mathis Heller, let me introduce you to this design maestro. With 30 years of product design experience, he's a former BMW designer, serving significant clients like Siemens. Based in Amsterdam, his independent studio excels at blending trends and cutting-edge tech into innovative design solutions. His work has garnered numerous international accolades, including the Red Dot Design Award's "Best of the Best" and multiple iF Product Design Awards.


  • Red Dot Award 2009 Best of Best
  • Red Dot Design Award 2011
  • iF Product Design Award 2005
  • iF Product Design Award 2006
  • iF Product Design Award 2008
  • iF Product Design Award 2009
  • iF Product Design Award 2010
  • iF Product Design Award 2011 - Gold
  • iF Product Design Award 2012
  • iF Product Design Award 2017

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