The logic proof value proposition

Why Buy From Clinton Rides?

Same Exact Price, Double the Value

When purchasing at Clinton Rides, you are getting double the service. As an authorized Nationwide distributor for the brands we offer, we are required to sell them for the same price as is offered on, say for example, JackRabbit's website. Here is the key difference: At that same exact price, you benefit from two enterprises. Your manufacturer's warranty remains in force with you, the customer. If you have any issues regarding delivery, assembly, technical issues, or plain old questions about your e-bike, you can call us FIRST. No 800 numbers. No emails to foreign lands. No service ticket queue. We will pick up the phone and help you with your issue. Again, same price, double the service.

An Advocate with Leverage

9 times out of 10, everything is going to go perfectly with your e-bike delivery. Should it not go perfectly, Clinton Rides is ready to go to bat for you. You have spent nothing more, and now have the leverage of a wholesale buyer at your disposal. All of our brands are fantastic. They were selected with great care and insight. That said, would you rather be customer #3187, or be a Clinton Rides customer, a customer who is selling Nationwide for these brands? Not to toot our own horn here, but let's be realistic. Who is a manufacturer going to help first? A one-off e-bike buyer, or a client of Clinton Rides, a Nationwide distributor for said brand? We get things done quickly on your behalf.

Two Tiers of Tech Support

The e-bike market is growing at an exponential rate. Manufacturers are dealing with production, advertising, marketing, logistics, and customer service. Clinton Rides' only job is to service you. Should an issue arise, we have L.E.V.A. (Light Electric Vehicle Association) and C.E.B.A. (Canadian Electric Bicycle Association) mechanics on staff to help troubleshoot the issue. We often know more about the inner workings of your e-bike than a customer service rep at the manufacturer does. This is our bread and butter. We do this every day. Again, same exact price with double the support.

Unbiased Position

Clinton Rides is an authorized dealership for a select handful of brands. Some of which have makes and models that are similar in design and function. Feel free to call or email us for an unbiased take on which e-bike to choose. We can also help provide guidance on which e-bike is best for your specific use case. That conversation is just a phone call away, a feature that is entirely unavailable if you are buying direct. No brand is going to sway you away from their brand. Clinton Rides has unique Ebikes for unique needs. Again, same exact price, added value.

The Perks of Buying @ClintonRides

All Upside. No Downside. @ClintonRides you get the exact same price. Along with: Dual customer support. Dealership leverage. Free assembly support. Free tech support from L.E.V.A. (Light Electric Vehicle Assoc.) and C.E.B.A. (Canadian Electric Bicycle Association) technicians ON CALL, right here in America. Dual warranty support, you have the same exact warranty with the manufacturer + matching warranty support with us. No 800 numbers, no overseas emails. Accountable, certified techs at your disposal for the same price. If you can find a hole in that added value, I will eat my hat. Call/Text us directly at 908-312-3264 for casual support, or full-blown consumer advocacy with our brand partners. @ClintonRides it is all upside.


Certified EBike Technicians.

E-biking is growing at an exponential rate. As is the need for qualified technicians in this field. Imagine buying a new car, without the concept of an auto mechanic even existing. This is the state of e-bike technicians now. Clinton Rides is a member of the only governing educational bodies in the space: L.E.V.A (Light Electric Vehicle Association) and C.E.B.A (Canadian Electric Bicycle Association). When considering who to purchase from, consider what resources they are equipped with after the purchase has been made. At Clinton Rides, you have manufacturer support and advanced technical support, all for the same exact price. Make no mistake, our brand partners have a deep commitment to ensuring your e-bike is serviceable. The question is, how deep is their well of knowledge in general. Each brand is going to be an expert in their product. We are experts in the core concepts that make e-bikes operate. That is true added value. This is why this store exists. We sell what we service, and we ONLY service what we sell.




Free EBike Shipping USA: FAQ

What to Expect Upon Ordering

If you are placing an e-bike order anywhere in the contiguous United States, Clinton Rides will begin the process of fulfillment that day on all orders placed before 5PM EST. You can expect to receive your e-bike approximately 7-10 business days from order placement. If there is a backorder or delay, we will make you aware ASAP. In many cases we have detailed assembly videos for the ebikes we carry. In addition to video support. You have brand support from the manufacturer. If you have any trouble during assembly. If they don't help you. Contact us. It is our job to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Tri-State & Local Customers Online Ordering

If you do not want to assemble your bike, and are comfortable with driving to our CLINTON, NJ 08809 Location. We will take delivery and assemble the bike free of charge.

If you desire this free service, please make SURE you send it to the address below. We are NOT able to re-route or re-direct shipments once they have left distribution.

CLINTON RIDES 26 MAIN ST. CLINTON NJ 08809, would be the shipping address IF AND ONLY IF. You want us to assemble it, and you will come and pick it up.

2nd service option. If you reside within 75 miles of our CLINTON, NJ 08809 location. We will both assemble, and deliver it. For $200.00.

At present, we have not integrated this process into the online webstore. If we have an inbound order placed that has "CLINTON RIDES 26 MAIN ST. CLINTON NJ 08809" as the shipping address. We will reach out to you to discuss which of those two options you desire.

Thank you. -Cody 908-312-3264

FREE Shipping on Ebikes only

We offer free shipping in the Contiguous United States. We do NOT offer free shipping on accessories or any other items. Even if they are brand affiliated. The shipment process of Ebikes is entirely different from a smaller item. Ebikes typically ship FEDEX Freight, and are located at a different warehouse facility than a bike lock, or phone case. This FAQ serves to avoid any confusion. Shipping and taxes (if applicable) will be automatically tabulated upon your check out. EBIKES are all set internally to ship for free. All other items are based on internal variables. Such as weight, dimensions and proximity.

I have written this out explicitly, because it is a common (and a logical) conclusion to make certain assumptions about shipping. For example: If you order a JackRabbit Ebike, and a JackRabbit accessory. It would make sense that both items would ship together, and for free. Unfortunately that is not the case. The items come from different distribution hubs. That is why I believe this warranted a long winded explanation. Thank you.

Returns or Damage EBike Delivery

At this point, the care, insulation and packaging of how Ebikes are shipped makes it nearly impossible to damage during shipping.

We have received, and assembled untold numbers of Ebikes. I would estimate less than 1% have any damage, and that damage is typically a component. Such as light bulb, or something similarly fragile.

That said, stuff happens. We are here to help when it does. If you receive a bike that is damaged. Please take pictures of the damage, along with your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER to and we will start solving the issue ASAP.

RETURNS: As an authorized dealer for the brands we carry. We are a mirror of each brands unique return policy. If you have any questions about the return policy for any Ebike you are considering. Please contact us at and we will both forward the brands policy and give you a follow up call to discuss it, should that be something you request. Clinton Rides exists to serve you. Solve any problems that may arise, and act as a strong advocate on your behalf with all our brands. Same exact price, twice the accountability. Right here at Clinton Rides.

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