The Big (not so big) Debate. Ebiking is for everyone.

The Big (not so big) Debate. Ebiking is for everyone.

I have been surprised by a recurring question about E-Bikes. What is exactly is a E-Bike, and who should get one. I am going to lay out some scenarios, & use cases. Most importantly, I want to convey E-Bikes are for everyone. From Pro-class trail riders, cruising around town, going to pick up a box of donuts. E-Bikes fully bridge the cultural divide between hardcore enthusiasts and couch potatoes.

Average Tom & Sally:

I can see your garage in my mind. Some summers the bikes come down off the wall racks. Sometimes they collect dust. E-Bikes vastly expand how often you will bike period. If you are an occasional rider. You will find you are more apt to hoping on your bike to go pick up something at your local CVS. The thought of having pedal uphill in work suit or dress is way less daunting when you can just use your thumb to get there.

Deep Backcountry Trail Riding. A way up, and a way out. 

You have not gotten this far deep into this trail in years. You are not sure if you have the steam to go further. Find out. Check your digital display to see how much battery you have, and push through. If you make it to your way point on your own, congrats. If you went further with pedal assist. That's sick too. It's only there if you want it. But...It is there if you want it.

Same deep backcountry trail. You are 10 miles deep. You snag a revine to fast. Knee is shot. Your E-Bike just turned into a evac transportation unit. Saddle up, brace the knee and ride yourself out of there like you are on a MotoX Bike. 

Ebiking for Burgers:

Maybe you don't feel like biking to your local restaurant after a long work week. Perhaps the parking is always a hassle. Perhaps the thought of getting back in your car after sitting in traffic all week doesn't sound great either. Cool. The E-Bike has got your back. Hop on, pedal of the in-bound calories OR do nothing at all. Hit the throttle, and know you have about 20+ miles of zero effort range under your seat.

Gateway to Fitness:

Many of our customers don't see themselves as bikers. They may have been one before, but time, an injury, or just the realities of day-to-day life got in the way. An E-Bike is a great way to dip your toes back into the water. Maybe you start out just using it like a moped, and a few months later, you're a full-fledged biker. Maybe you've even lost a few pounds along the way. E-biking is a nice, gentle re-entry into fitness and fun.

Fun. EBikes are Crazy Fun. Flat out. You are overthinking it.

In going with the theme of this post. These are bikes, not identities. You can be a hard core biker and still love E-Biking. They are not mutually exclusive.  You can be a person who rarely biked before, because you won't be anymore. These things are electrified fun. I get a uncontrollable, goofy grin when I am zipping around on my E-Bike. If you wanted a simple reason. Fun. Life is short, these things are awesome. Get one.


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