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Hiboy S2 Pro E-Scooter

Hiboy S2 Pro E-Scooter

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Here at Clinton Rides, this is our go to scooter. As fast as we get them in, is as fast as they go out the door. They are priced well, and are reliable. Again, CLINTON RIDES has lower prices than AMAZON does. Amazon has done a good job at lulling the customer into the notion that they automatically are getting the best price. At this point people just assume this fact. True story, during Amazon's Holiday "flash sale". They were selling this exact scooter for $200 more than we were, and our scooter was not even on "sale". It was just at it's regular price. So thousands of people bought scooters for a 3rd more than they should. Amazon raked in the profits, all while diverting traffic from family owned brick and mortar businesses like Clinton Rides. Point being, check first. If the price is the same. Who do you want to give your money to? If Amazon succeeds at putting family run businesses like mine out of business. Guess what happens HAVE to pay whatever they charge. Because they are the only game in town. Support small businesses whenever possible. Okay, sorry for the rant. Now lets talk about this sucker. The Hiboy S2 Pro has the following features. Buckle up...

  • Max speed of 19MPH
  • Single hand brake
  • Emergency back up brake
  • Folds into a portable version
  • Has a robust phone APP that allows you to set cruise control. Turn on the lights remotely. 
  • This is my favorite. If you ground your kid, you can open the app and LOCK the scooter. 
  • Has headlight,  taillight, and flashing brake lights. 
  • Puncture proof tires
  • They moved the charging port to the handle bar so it doesnt get all gunked up with stuff at the bottom.
  • Has "safe mode" AKA kid mode, where you can set the speed as low as you want. All the way from 3MPH to 19MPH and every single MPH in between
  • Has a NEW safety feature called "push to start". This setting only allows the motor to kick in once it has reached 3MPH so you don't mistakenly hit the throttle when getting on it and have it shoot out from you. You can turn that feature on or off from the APP. 
  • Regenerative Battery...on a scooter. Welcome to the future. 
RATINGS: Clinton Rides is clocking the Hiboy S2 Pro with a staggering 1303 people who have reviewed it, and those are just the folks who took the time to review it. We are at 4.83 stars for it. Which means 1135 gave us 5 stars. 141 people gave us 4 stars. 11 gave 3, and 5 gave 2, with 11 giving 1 star. 

We deeply care about customer satisfaction. So we dug into those 1 star reviews to see what was up? At least 5 of them are unverified purchases...which means I am looking at you competition. The rest were related to customer service at Hiboy. HiBoy is a huge multi national company. Clinton Rides is not. We are headquartered in New Jersey. All of our staff, and techs are local and skilled at what they do. If HiBoy can't or won't help you. We will. This is why we exist. 
You have two options. Buy it directly from Hiboy for the same price and have ONE point of recourse. Buy it from Clinton Rides for the same exact price. Now you have TWO points of recourse and support. Same price, double the value. Win, Win.  Same or lower price, same warranty, plus all the resources available at Clinton Rides. 

HiBoy's description below taken from their website. We ARE an authorized dealer for Hiboy. Try getting service for your scooter at Wal-Mart. No chance. We got you covered. 

  • Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter For Commuting Offers E­co-Friendly Transportation. Its Powertrain Is Efficie­nt, Letting You Travel 25 Miles Pe­r Charge At 19 Mph. Downhill And Regene­rative Braking Recharges The­ Battery On The Go. The Aluminum Frame­ Is Lightweight. Dual Brakes Enhance­ Rider Safety. Wide Tire­s Provide Improved Stability. LED Headlights Incre­ase Safety Too. Boost Your Productivity And Save Money With Hiboy S2 Pro E­lectric Scooter.
  • Handlebar Width (inch) 16.5
  • Deck Length (inch) 17.7
  • Deck Width (inch) 6.1


Kindly note the scooter's waterproof level is IPX4, we don't suggest you ride it on rainy days.

Yes, the charger is included in the package you receive.

According to our shipping policy, packages are delivered in approximately 5-7 business days after they are shipped. If the scooter is on backorder, you will be notified immediately. ALSO, if you happen to live close to one of our many distribution centers, you may get your scooter in 3-5 days! Bottomline, we do our level best to get your scooter to as fast as possible. Unlike AMAZON, we are likely cheaper, but we also offer immediate phone support. No 800#'s, just give us a call at 908-312-3264 and we can help you out. Less money, more service. No brainer folks. @clintonrides

The maximum load of the S2 Pro scooter is 220 lbs/100 kg. Sidenote, Cody here. The owner of Clinton Rides. I weigh a solid 20lbs more than this weight restriction. I cruise around on this puppy with no issue at all. I imagine it would be zippier and the battery would last longer, but I can personally state it has no problem scooting my "dad bod" around. This is not a technical statement, but it is a true, real world experience. Feel free to check out @clintonrides YouTube review channel. You will see me coasting around on this S2 Pro with no issue whatsoever. 

The S2 Pro scooter's battery is not removable. The need for that was removed once they enginnered it so it could be easily carried inside or up a flight of stairs. Most importantly, this method makes a more water tight fit. No E-Scooter, or E-Anything is waterproof. Treat it like you do your Phone. It's not meant to be soaked, but a bit of water is not going to damage it. Don't run it though water that is even close to the rims of the wheels. There is an electric motor in there. So, obviously. We want to avoid getting water inside there. 

The default password for the application is 888888. Sidenote, if you are in a densely populated area. Where scooters are common. Where theft is a concern. Change your default password to avoid someone pairing the APP with your scooter. DON'T LOSE YOUR NEW PASSWORD. 

The app is "Hiboy S2", you can download Hiboy S2 from Apple Store or Google Play


  • ModelS2 pro
  • Unfolded Size45.3 × 16.5 × 47.6 in
  • Fold Size45.3 × 16.5 × 19.3 in
  • Tire Diameter10 in
  • Product Weight37.4 lbs
  • Recommended Age16 ~ 60 years old
  • Adapter Input Voltage110 ~ 240 V
  • Motor500 W
  • Tire (Front & Rear)10-inch honeycomb tires
  • Max Speed19 mph
  • Max Range25 miles
  • Max Climbing Capability15°
  • Max Load220 lbs / 100 kg
  • Battery36V 11.6Ah Li-ion
  • SuspensionRear suspensions
  • IP RatingIPX4
  • Charging Time4 ~ 6 hours
  • Overall Length (inch) 45.3
  • Overall Height (inch) 47.6
  • Standing Height (inch) 41.3
  • Folded Height (inch) 19.3
  • Maximum Load (lb) 220
  • Net Weight (lb) 37.4
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