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Hiboy MAX Pro E-Scooter

Hiboy MAX Pro E-Scooter

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If you are looking to pay 4 times as much as you should for a scooter. You should check out Segway. If you want a reliable, reasonably priced scooter. You are in the right place. These are scooters, not used cars. The price should be reasonable...Clinton Rides & Hiboy are here to answer the call. 

Hiboy has been the premier retail e-scooter brand for nearly 15 years. They know what they are doing, and they are doing it well. 

While I have you. I want to let you in on a little known fact. AMAZON does NOT have the lowest prices. They just have lulled you into a false sense that they do. During Amazon's Christmas "Flash Sale", we were selling the same exact scooter for $200 bucks less. Don't be fooled. That was plan all along. Kill all the competition, so you can charge whatever you want. Well guess what. We are still here.  Now onto the Hiboy pitch...

Are You Looking For Exhilarating Power? Our High-Performance Models Boast Long-Range Batteries And Powerful Motors For Non-Stop Fun. Hiboy Max Pro Is A Fantastic Lightweight Electric Scooter For Adults Carefully Created For Thrill-Seekers And Travel Enthusiasts. It Has 11-Inch Pneumatic Tires That Give A Comfortable Ride On All Roads And Seasons. With Speeds Of Up To 22mph, The Hiboy Max Pro Makes Daily Commuting Easier, Guaranteeing A Pleasurable And Joyful Ride. On A Single Charge, This Electric Scooter Runs Seamlessly For 46.6 Miles. E-Braking And Disc-Braking Are Additional For Dual Support And A Quick Braking System, Ensuring Complete Safety. 

The Assistance Of An LED Headlight, Sidelight, And Taillight Makes It A Travel Delight, Especially At Night In Dark Areas Or While Exploring New Routes. It Also Helps During Rainy Seasons And Fog When The Surroundings' Visibility Is Poor. The 3-Speed Modes Also Make Traveling And Riding With Hiboy Max Pro Pure Joy!

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