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Hiboy DK1 Electric Dirt Bikes (Kids 3-10)

Hiboy DK1 Electric Dirt Bikes (Kids 3-10)

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Clinton Rides & Hiboy are proud to present the DK1 Electric DirtBike for kids. If you are a powersports family. This is the perfect introduction to E-MOTOX for the kiddos. Simple, safe and a whole lot less to worry about as compared to traditional gasoline or two-stroke fueled dirtbikes. No oil changes, no burning your thighs on a hot motor. All the problems, complexity and headache that come with traditional DirtBikes are removed. It's electrified fun. With a simple and intuitive design. 

Equipped With A High-Strength Shock-Absorbing Spring, Which Has A Super Shock-Absorbing Capacity And No Noise While Driving. Provides You Great Performance With 3-Speed Modes And Up To 13.7 Miles Long-Range With A Rechargeable 36V Sealed Lithium Battery System In All Scenarios. Takes Only 4-5 Hours To Fully Charge.

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