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Powster Phantom ZEISS Lens Cycling Glasses

Powster Phantom ZEISS Lens Cycling Glasses

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Clinton Rides + Urtopia. Note, or more of an observation. Urtopia claims this is only compatible with their bikes. We are going to go ahead and call B.S. on this. Pretty sure Glasses are for faces. There is no frame mount, or anything. It is the glasses. The glasses are amazing. We are going to go out on a limb here and say, feel free to wear these while mowing the lawn, as well as riding a bike. 

Powster Phantom ZEISS Lens Cycling Glasses 

Adjustable rubber nose pad

Skin-friendly and soft to the touch, brings you a comfortable feeling.

Come with adjustable soft silicone nose pads to fit the lens as close to the face as possible.

A+ 04 SOFT  SILICONE NOSE PAD_.jpg__PID:314cf3a1-6c6f-4a5b-9393-682a64d62253
A+ 10 TR90 FRAME.jpg__PID:4cf3a16c-6f2a-4b53-9368-2a64d6225340

TR90 Frame

Impact-resistant, hypoallergenic, bendable, durable, flexible, and extremly lightweight.

Zeiss SPXTRA Lens

 Reduces glare outdoors.
 Optimal vision and wearing comfort.
 Better contrast provides and enhanced visual experience.
 Offers protection from direct sunlight.
 Filtering Ultraviolet Light, UV 400 protection.

A+11 UV400 Protection.jpg__PID:f3a16c6f-2a5b-4393-a82a-64d62253404b




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What's in the box

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