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JackRabbit Rear Basket OG & XG

JackRabbit Rear Basket OG & XG

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JackRabbit Rear Basket: Fits on both OG and XG models. Basket is pretty large.  

This basket ONLY fits JackRabbit Ebikes. So don't order unless it is specifically for your JackRabbit.

Approx. 12" long x 8" Wide x 6" Deep. Exact size changes by an inch or two as we refine vendors. Bottomline, it is bigger than you imagine. Easily can fit a bag of groceries.  

Picture it: you, your JackRabbit, and a golden retriever puppy in your new Rear Basket. Get our most popular accessory, and watch all your dreams come true.*

The Rear Basket accessory can carry a maximum of 22 lbs. Only available in Black. 

*Maybe, honestly, we can't promise that

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