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JackRabbit RangeBuster Battery Extender (OG & XG)

JackRabbit RangeBuster Battery Extender (OG & XG)

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The JackRabbit RangeBuster Battery Extender. Compatible with OG and XG Models.

Adding 24 Miles to the OG, and up to 48 miles with the XG. Using the RangeBuster in both ports. 

RangeBuster Battery

We took our best-selling Extra Battery accessory, and super-sized it (and then some). 

The RangeBuster Battery (10Ah 360Wh) boasts 239% more power than our standard  Extra Battery. Pop it into your JackRabbit OG or JackRabbit XG to get an additional 24+ miles of range! Tested & compliant with UL2271 and UL2272

The RangeBuster Battery is non-submersible and shouldn’t be exposed to salt water. Don’t go swimming with this, or really, any battery for that matter.

If you want to bring an extra battery. You can purchase Clinton Rides JackRabbit Extra or "replacement" battery. That battery is FAA compliant and requires no special permission. This battery is not FAA compliant. So just bring some extra regular battery packs to achieve the same end goal. To rip and ride.



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