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JackRabbit Battery OG & XG

JackRabbit Battery OG & XG

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Replacement Battery OR Extra Battery for OG and XG models.

Compatible with JackRabbit OG and XG models. Strap this to the rear seat post, and have it ready to add up to 10 miles of range. Hot swap on the go. Don't forget your battery lock key. 

Swap in this lightweight extra battery at any time for an extra 10 miles.* Easily fits in your bag, or you can store it under your JackRabbit's seat.

 fly with your JackRabbit! 

Our street team (LOL) took our JackRabbit OG's to the BMX Jackalope Festival in Virginia. All of them arrived fine. Note of caution. One of us used a lock for the zipper. The TSA just cut that sucker right off. Just let them search it. A $2.00 lock isn't going to stop them. Plus they cut the zipper head off. 

And, it's FAA-compliant, so you can carry it on a plane and fly with JackRabbit.

No need to rent a janky Ebike at your vacation destination. Just bag it up and go. FAA approved flight bags for sale at Clinton Rides as well. Can be found under JackRabbit Add-On's section. 

*Dependent on total weight, road and weather conditions

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