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Hiboy S2 MAX E-Scooter

Hiboy S2 MAX E-Scooter

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Clinton Rides & Hiboy are proud to present the Hiboy S2 MAX. Think of it as the baby brother of the MAX PRO. HiBoy seems to do this every scooter line. It make sense. This is typically about $100-$200 less than the Max Pro. All told, you are saving money and giving up a little bit of range. Now this is Clinton Rides take on it. Given we have them all, and we have rode, ridden? Them all. This scooter is a good "baby brother" scooter. The S2 and S2 PRO are that same "big brother/baby brother" idea. Where they trade off weight & features for price. In that model. The S2 PRO is so much better than the S2 that I never recommend the S2 in the store. 

With this model specific model THE S2 MAX...

I actually think this version the S2 MAX vs. MAX PRO. This one is the better value for dollar. Again, this is the opinion of a retailer. I would happily send you the more expensive one. However, in this case. I think they are so similar this particular model does the job just fine. Both have the cool, full color display, and design. If you are looking for a long range, air filled tire (plush ride) scooter. This hits the mark.

If you are looking to pay 4 times as much as you should for a scooter. You should check out Segway. If you want a reliable, reasonably priced scooter. You are in the right place. These are scooters, not used cars. The price should be reasonable...Clinton Rides & Hiboy are here to answer the call. 

Hiboy has been the premier retail e-scooter brand for nearly 15 years. They know what they are doing, and they are doing it well. 

Closing notes before we move onto the product features and specs. Clinton Rides has access to ANYTHING Hiboy sells. We have had all of the scooters HiBoy offers. We found a few of them to be so close to each other, in terms of battery duration, and performance. It only made it confusing.

Take it from a guy who has ridden way more E-Scooters than any adult should in one lifetime. We listed the winners here. The others are not duds. They are just redundant, or priced slightly too high for what they offer. The HiBoy Escooters we sell are the prime cuts. That said, if you want a product sold by Hiboy. We can get it for you. Always at the same exact price as Hiboy direct. With same warranty support, and double the tech support. Win, Win. 

Here is a quick bulleted list of its features:

  • 19 MPH Max speed
  • Up to 40 Miles max range
  • 500W motor
  • 10" tires, air filled for a cushy ride
  • Ebraking and drum brake together. This is great for smooth, even stopping experience.
  • Customized cruise and speed control
  • LED Headlight and Taillight 
  • 3 Speed Modes
  • Hiboy S2 APP, the APP is awesome. You can set the speed down to each individual MPH. If you are lending out your scooter, or letting your kiddo ride it. You can set it as low as 3MPH, all the way up to 19 MPH. Plush every MPH in between. 
  • Large, modern looking, vibrant control display. Much cooler than the S2 series. Granted its mainly an aesthetic thing. But we like it. 

Here are the technical details for the S2 MAX:

  • Handlebar Width (inch) 18.9
  • Deck Length (inch) 20.2
  • Deck Width (inch) 6.5
  • Overall Length (inch) 45.7
  • Overall Height (inch) 48.2
  • Standing Height (inch) 41.8
  • Folded Height (inch) 20.7
  • Maximum Load (lb) 220
  • Net Weight (lb) 40

  • ModelS2 Max
  • Unfolded Size44 × 19 × 48 in
  • Fold Size44 × 19 × 20.87 in
  • Product Weight40 lb (18.8 kg)
  • Recommended Age16 ~ 50 years old
  • Max Load220 lbs
  • Max Speed19MPH
  • Motor500 W
  • Tire (Front & Rear)10-inch, pneumatic tires
  • Max Range40 miles (64 km)
  • Max Climbing Capability20°
  • Charging Time6 ~ 7 hours
  • Battery48V 11.6Ah
  • IP RatingIPX4

  • S2 MAX Scooter:1
  • S2 MAX charger:1
  • User Manual:1
  • Allen wrench:1
  • Screws:6

The maximum load capacity of the S2 MAX is 220 lbs/100 kg

The seat of the S2 MAX is removable. (DOES NOT COME WITH SEAT)

It's 19 mph.

Press twice to switch the speed mode, S indicates Sport mode (max speed 19 mph), and D indicates Drive mode (max speed 16mph), ECO for Energy saving mode (max speed 11 mph).

Please note that the scooter has an IPX4 waterproof rating. We do not recommend using it in rainy, snowy, or icy weather conditions.

The Hiboy S2 MAX electric scooter includes the scooter itself, charger, hex key, user manual, and screws.

Prior to shipping, there's a processing time of 1-2 days. Once shipped, delivery is estimated to take 5-7 business days. NOTE: If you happen to be located close to one of our many national distribution centers you may get it in under 5 days. If your order is placed before 5PM EST. We will be able to start the process that day. We want you to be enjoying your scooter as much as you do. We will get it to you ASAP. 
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