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Front Fender for OG

Front Fender for OG

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Front Fender for OG

Cruise mud-free with the Front Fender for OG, compatible with (you guessed it) your JackRabbit OG's front tire. Lightweight and durable. Sold as a single fender. 

Looking for a fender for the back tire of your JackRabbit OG, or for the front and back tire of your JackRabbit XG? Check out the STRUT FENDER.

Here at Clinton Rides. We have some JackRabbit's that we fully "kit out", and put on all the swag. The fenders, the RangeBuster Battery, and people LOVE them. If you are going to do it. Do it. The fenders look dope, and help keep those Khakis that correct color. Any questions, give us a shout at 

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