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Chord X - Carbon Fiber

Chord X - Carbon Fiber

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Clinton Rides + Urtopia = Chord X - This is the ChordX, which is the lower top bar model. Otherwise the Chord and Chord X are identical. It is only the position of the top bar that is different. The Chord X is closer to a "step thru" design. 

NOTE: The Chord X and Chord X+ are both PEDAL ASSIST only. We have found this information to be missing in explicit fashion on the Urtopia website. There is NO thumb throttle. You must pedal to go. With a great assist motor. 

Experience elegance and efficiency in one ride. 

Liquid Forging: The technology of Aerospace in a Ebike. The forging process creates a uniform and dense material that enhances strength, stiffness, ride quality, and aesthetics, offering a stronger, lighter, and more visually striking alternative to traditional frames.

A wide range of gear options for riders of all skill levels and riding styles. Built to maintain a consistent and comfortable cadence on different terrains, the Chord delivers a superior riding experience.

With its ergonomic design, you can enjoy your ride for longer periods without any discomfort or strain.

Effortless to Carry:
This e-bike is a breeze to carry, weighing only 46 lbs. Take it with you wherever you go, hassle-free

Power Up with Ease and Waterproof
Battery is easy to remove and re-install, and its location below the top tube keeps it waterproof. Enjoy peace of mind while riding, rain or shine.

Integrated Headlight for a safer ride. 

Fingerprint Unlock: Provides an efficenient and intutive option for riding without the hassle of carrying a key.

Built in Navigation: Goodbye phone. No more struggling to navigate with a tiny screen. 

Bluetooth Music: It's like having a personal DJ accompanying you wherever you ride. 

GPS Tracking:  A bike you will never lose. GPS for security and navigation.

Track your route: Routes, Speed, Calories burned...all captured.

Share your story: Meet new friends and like their rides. Share rides, photos and stories with Urtopia community in app.
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