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Air-Sea-Land Travel Bag of OG ONLY

Air-Sea-Land Travel Bag of OG ONLY

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Air-Sea-Land Travel Bag for OG

Please note: OG MODEL ONLY, NOT XG.

This durable, water-resistant airline-approved travel bag is perfect for traveling with your JackRabbit OG on a train, boat or plane!

Yep, we're FAA-compliant, and you can learn more about how to take a JackRabbit on a plane here.  Clinton Rides took our OG's to Virginia Beach BMX Jackalope Festival. 3 OG's, zero issues at the airport. We were all convinced they would get busted up. Nothing. I will suggest to NOT put a luggage lock on the zipper. One of us did, and they snipped the lock right off to inspect the JackRabbit bag.  Just let them look, and get outta there. Also, OG models only. XG flat out does not fit.  -Clinton Rides.


Will measure 46" x 31" x 7" when packed with a JackRabbit OG. Padded shoulder strap is adjustable and removable...nothing to get caught in baggage carousels.

Please note: this travel bag is designed specifically for the JackRabbit OG, and will not fit the JackRabbit XG.

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